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Forms of Transport - The Aeroplane

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I feel like every child goes through the stage where they point to the sky excitedly when they see a plane. Even some adults are still excited. I remember my brother showing me in his new place in London an app where he was able to see which plane just flew over his place, the company, make and where it was going. To give him credit he did study aerospace avionics and did at the time work for British Airways, but still it put a smile to my face as I believe there really is a child in every adult.

So here is the Surprise Activity Sheet full of different fun things to do that I found online about aeroplanes.

Our first blog on Wonderland Interactive Storytelling based on the 5 Reasons Why has been released. If you are interested it was all about active entertainment/learning. Stay tuned to find out more. Also until Wednesday it's 10% off for the products with the code LAUNCHWEEK!1.

For any teachers in pre-schools, childcare centres or kindergartens, please also contact us as we have a special going for you.

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