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How Wonderland is set up!

Wonderland is set up into themed Teaching Course Books.

Each book explores something specific.
For example we have Around the World, which explores the culture and history of different countries around the world. The Giant Envelope is all about problem solving and using ones imagination. Our Planet looks at the world we live in and how we can look after it exploring issues such as pollution, saving water and endangered animals.We Are All Humans looks at things such as integration, what we eat, our emotions and bullying. And one of my favourite The Magic Toadstool is all about the heroes journey.


Each Teaching Course Book comes with 10 stories & each story comes with the following:

•    The Story, with instructions on how to make it interactive

•    A Bonus Game

•    A Puppet Template

You can either purchase the whole book or each story individually. For further details, take a look at our books

Each Book also comes with a special themed object. Just like the Magic Box, this is a great bonus but not a necessity.

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