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The Giant Envelope

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The Stories​

  1. Taken by the Pirates

  2. The Seven Drops of Water

  3. Running Away to the Circus 

  4. Pirates versus Fairies

  5. The Children of the Trees

  6. The Witch Next Door

  7. Under the Sea

  8. In the Jungle

  9. The Magic Mountain Beasts 

  10. A Dessert Lost in the Desert 


Every day, all over the world, in magical and non-magical places, people, animals and creatures get into difficulties. They might be sick, or feel lonely or upset, or something bad might have happened to them. Luckily, if they wish hard enough, a message will be send out into the air. Each night a Giant Envelope will fly into the sky and collect those messages and find the right help.



The focus of this unit

The main focus of this unit is expanding the imagination and problem-solving. It's about helping those in need, finding the superhero inside yourself and looking at values, emotions and different situations.

The Individual Stories from The Giant Envelope

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Taken by the Pirates

Come and help Samuel and Tabitha rescue Mermaid Princess Lolina who has been taken by Pirates. Row across the ocean, learn to speak to dolphins, find a way to cut through high grass, squelch through thick oozy mud and try find the fastest way to hike over the biggest mountain. And did you think that was it? Wrong, you still have to pass the smelly rude pirates without getting caught.


Great for looking at staying calm in difficult situations and thinking of creative solutions.

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The Seven Drops of Water

In this beautiful story Sarah and Matthew need to find 7 drops of different types of water in order to help their friend Marigold who fell into a bush that had poisonous prickly thorns. It’s a fun creative story about caring and solving problems.

A wonderful story about not giving up and reaching ones goals by working together.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.56.55

Running Away to the Circus

Oh feelings can be difficult to deal with especially when it’s a day where everything just seems to be going wrong. This is exactly the case for Saskia and Tommy. It feels like just because they are children everyone can boss them around, they can have no fun and everything just seems to go wrong. Well when they run away to the circus they have their chance to show just how great children can be by helping find the clown Mr Brown and solving his problem.


This story looks at emotions and that no matter how small we may be everyone can be a hero and help.

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Pirates Versus Fairies

Do you believe in fairies? Come and help Chloe, Lucy and Charlie save the fairies on fairy island as they are struggling for their existence since people are believing in them less and less. This is especially difficult as Pirate Captain Fearless and his terrible crew are spreading a nasty rumour by singing and awful song about fairies not existing.

What is good and what is bad? Sometimes life is presented to us very black and white but that’s not always the case.


This story is about respecting and learning to see the other side’s opinion as well.

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The Children of the Trees

Fairy tales are fun. We love reading them, watching them and role playing with them. This is also the case for the Children of the Trees that are like the trees spirits. However, one day a horrible witch played a nasty trick on them. She muddled up all of the stories and now unless the children of the tress find the correct ending, they will be stuck in their fairytale forever. Join Phoebe and Joel as they try and help the children of the trees remember the correct ending of the different fairytale adventures.


This story is fantastic for looking at why something might have gone wrong and how we can stay calm and solve the problem to get things back on track.

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The Witch Next Door

The neighbour next door to Daniel and Valeria is not your ordinary neighbour. The children always suspected that she was a witch. This was confirmed when a letter from Choshara arrives begging the children to come and rescue him. Come and join Daniel and Valeria as they embark on the adventure of rescuing Choshara. What does a witches garden look like? What will you find inside a Witches house?

This is a fun adventure where the imagination really flies high as children learn about staying focused on a task, not letting fear get in the way and thinking of creative solutions.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.56.07

Under the Sea

Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever felt completely powerless? That’s how Spleek the Jellyfish feels as all of his friends and family are stuck inside the Octopuses Garden and he is unable to get to them. Luckily Chiara and Theo come to his rescue and together they help free everyone, reuniting Spleek with his friends and family.


This is a great story about forgiveness and how it is sometimes important to understand what the reason behind an action may be.

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In the Jungle

Razarus the Lion - King of the Jungle, has to ask for help to get his jungle back under control as the cheeky monkeys cause quite a turmoil. Join Elias and Jade as together they search for Razarus to then help him get his jungle back under control. 

This story is about overcoming pride and asking for help as together there is always a solution. 


The Magic Mountain Beasts

Cornelius the Terrible is a Magic Mountain Beast that is not so nice. He has managed to steal Magic Mountain Beast Pumpletine’s token, which allows him to enter the human world disguised as a human. Luckily Adela and Caden have joined Pumpletine on this mission as definitely needs the work and bravery of all three together.

This story is about love and how through kindness and being there for one another one is not so lonely and will always find a solution. It is however also a great story to explore as a warning that there are dangers in life and one does have to be careful.


A Dessert Lost in the Desert

Cassie and Jack are on an adventure trying to help Cherrycreams the cupcake leave the desert in order to get back home to Desert Cloud. Learn about mirages, cape ground squirrels, camel caravans and rattle snakes as Cassie and Jack defend Cherrycreams so no one eats her.


This story is very adaptable to suit ones classroom as temptation, friendship and persistence are explored. 

All Wonderland stories focus on social, emotional and communication development. The stories are about connecting the children to their body as they learn and transform to a much deeper level when things are physically experienced. However, each story also has some specific elements that they explore. While they are often filled with layers, the summaries above give you an idea what each story is about and what some of the main focus points are.


If you would like more information or are looking for something specific, please be in touch so we can point you in the right direction.

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