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The Magic Toadstool

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The Stories​

  1. Achoo the Spinning House

  2. Caught in a Dream

  3. Spells and Whizzes

  4. Playing with Time

  5. Birthday Wishes

  6. The Forgotten Toys

  7. The Mystical Sea

  8. Topsy - Turvy

  9. Spiders & Trolls

  10. Drinks, Potions & Goo


In the middle of a forest, where pixies, animals and witches live and fairies play, there is a beautiful toadstool. Unlike the other toadstools, this toadstool has no magical creatures living in it, but there is always something going on. Smoke comes out of the chimney, lights go on at night and sometimes sounds can be heard from inside. The toadstool has a life of its own with its own magical powers. When the little rocking chair begins to rock on top of the roof, the toadstool is ready to take someone on an adventure. The next story is about to begin. 


The Focus of this unit

Imagination and Storytelling. This unit sounds quite simple and straightforward, but imagination and storytelling is key to a child’s development. This unit allows the students to use their imagination fully, become part of the story world where everything is possible, while subconsciously learning how a story is set and structured. This unit is created to show children the potential of their own storytelling ability and give them the confidence and joy to tell stories. 

The Individual Stories from The Magic Toadstool


Achoo the Spinning House

Audrey and Leo are two curious and nosy children who constantly get themselves into trouble. This takes them on an adventure to the Land of Purple where a poor flying house has caught a cold and as a result is stuck there without being able to fly back home. Come and join Audrey and Leo as they try and help cure the house so that everyone can once again return home.

Curiosity is a wonderful thing, as long as one remembers that sometimes it is also important to respect other people’s belongings and feelings.


Caught in a Dream

Blake and Evie have a huge imagination and just love to play, but what happens when that imagination runs wild and lets fear take over. The Storyteller from The Magic Toadstool has fallen asleep and Blake and Evie find themselves in a Land of Dreams. Join Evie and Blake as they overcome their fear to keep things calm and fun in the Land of Dreams while they try and work out a way to wake the Storyteller up.

A fantastic story that looks at overcoming ones fear and how to stay calm in stressful situations.


Spells & Whizzes

Do you believe in magic? Annabel and Christopher certainly do and even more so when they are whizzed off into a Land of Spells. But oh dear, not everything always goes well and some things can be very dangerous when one deals with magic.  Join Annabel and Christopher on a fun adventure where they better get things right again before coming home.

A fun adventure that reminds us to not worry when things go wrong but instead find a solution and try have some fun on the way.


Playing with Time

Emilie and Noah were in a very bad mood as they felt like they were running out of time to do anything fun due to all the chores they had to do. In this story Noah and Emilie get thrown into an adventure where they explore the concept of time as they have a race to try and beat time in order to get back home. It’s a wonderful story where they explore freezing time, speeding time up, going backwards in time and slowing time down.


This story is fantastic to open children's minds up and play with the concept of time and space. A fantastic tool to become more aware of time and explore what time is. This story also looks at emotions and how one misses out on things if one is stuck in a bad mood.


Birthday Wishes

What is really important? What are ones true values and how does one really want to celebrate a birthday? Samira and Owen are in the worst mood ever. They are so disappointed as their parents won’t give them the birthday party that they had dreamt off. Join Samara and Owen as they are whisked off to the Land of Birthdays where they have got everything they could ever wish to have at a party, apart from the people that truly matter to them.

This story explores what our values are and what is actually important in life. It’s also a great story that looks at emotions.


The Forgotten Toys

Olive and Ralph find two special toys thrown away and broken. Wanting to help they take them to the Land of Toys where they have to be careful as any toy that is broken and can’t be fixed will end up on the rubbish pile. Join Olive and Ralph as they find the one toy doctor that never gives up to fix every toy there is, before they get caught by the toy police.

This story is about helping those in need and taking the time to repair things rather than always wanting the latest and the newest.


The Mystical Sea

Tamara and Rowan have an argument as one of them only believes in things that have been proven and that can be seen, whereas the other believes there must be magical things out there and that there is always some truth to stories that they hear. This theory is tested when they are transported to the Mystical Seas where a spell has been cast and no-one can see. The spell was cast in order to teach the sea monsters to once again work together, be kind and most importantly value and look after their home. Help Tamara and Rowan lift that spell so that all the sea monsters can once again see, having learnt their lesson.


This story is about how important it is to look after our environment and each other. It is about looking at values and believing. It is also about respecting each others opinion and asks the question of what right does someone with power have to interfere?


Topsy - Turvy


Holly and Corey are two children who love to be in control of everything. They only like games when they are played their way and they like to know everything that is happening. This is quickly put to the challenge when they are whisked off to a land where everything is topsy turvy. Here they have to learn that just because they think something is the right way, that may not be the case for everyone.

This story is wonderful to discover how sometimes by letting go of fixed ideas exciting and fun new ways can be found. It looks at dealing with uncertainty and what feelings come up when one is out of their comfort zone and not in control.


Spiders & Trolls

Have you ever judged a book by its’ cover? Or made an assumption about something that wasn’t really correct? India and Cooper have to learn the hard way that not everything they believed about trolls is correct. This time it’s quite an adventure as they accidentally hurt one of the trolls feelings and have to try and make things right again.


A great story that explores not to judge things too quickly and taking responsibility in what one says. It’s a fun story that although slightly exaggerated really asks students to explore feelings.


Drinks, Potions & Goo

Melanie and Francis were in big trouble. They didn’t listen to their mother and now they had done something very naughty. This is a fun story that follows the adventure of Melanie and Francis as they try and make things right again in the land of Drinks, Potions & Goo.

We have all been in the awful situation where we know we have done something that we shouldn’t have. This story is about having the courage to own up to what one has done and how important it is to articulate things properly.

All Wonderland stories focus on social, emotional and communication development. The stories are about connecting the children to their body as they learn and transform to a much deeper level when things are physically experienced. However, each story also has some specific elements that they explore. While they are often filled with layers, the summaries above give you an idea what each story is about and what some of the main focus points are.


If you would like more information or are looking for something specific, please be in touch so we can point you in the right direction.

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