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The Deluxe Story option is the story and activity set made for your convenience and joy. With everything you need provided and ready to use.


This includes the following items:

  • A hard copy of the story printed and bound
  • An Instruction Booklet printed and bound
  • 24 craft templates printed and cut (if you need extra these can be bought individually as well, please be in touch so we can organise the exact number).
  • Craft items for the craft activity
  • Bonus Game Card


Everything is beautifully packed to make your experience special and magical.


The Mystical Sea is a story from the book The Magic Toadstool.


Backstory of The Magic Toadstool

In the middle of a forest, where pixies, animals and witches live and fairies play, there is a beautiful toadstool. Unlike the other toadstools, this toadstool has no magical creatures living in it, but there is always something going on. Smoke comes out of the chimney, lights go on at night and sometimes sounds can be heard from inside. The toadstool has a life of its own with its own magical powers. When the little rocking chair begins to rock on top of the roof, the toadstool is ready to take someone on an adventure. The next story is about to begin. 


The focus of this unit

Imagination and Storytelling. This unit sounds quite simple and straightforward, but imagination and storytelling is key to a child’s development. This unit allows the students to use their imagination fully, become part of the story world where everything is possible, while subconsciously learning how a story is set and structured. This unit is created to show children the potential of their own storytelling ability and give them the confidence and joy to tell stories. 


Story Synopsis and Focus

Tamara and Rowan have an argument as one of them only believes in things that have been proven and that can be seen, whereas the other believes there must be magical things out there and that there is always some truth to stories that they hear. This theory is tested when they are transported to the Mystical Seas where a spell has been cast and no-one can see. The spell was cast in order to teach the sea monsters to once again work together, be kind and most importantly value and look after their home. Help Tamara and Rowan lift that spell so that all the sea monsters can once again see, having learnt their lesson.


This story is about how important it is to look after our environment and each other. It is about looking at values and believing. It is also about respecting each others opinion and asks the question of what right does someone with power have to interfere?

The Mystical Sea - Deluxe Story

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  • Due to the nature of the product, there are no refund policies so please choose carefully.

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