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Events & Development Sessions

SEL & Wellbeing
The Teacher's Tricks and Guide to SEL and Wellbeing in a classroom

The key to students learning is for them to be grounded. Ground yourself and each child to improve wellbeing and a child’s academic success. This half and full day development session will take all participants on a fun and interactive journey, looking at how to teach and incorporate SEL into the classroom through story and play.

Participants explore different elements to SEL & Wellbeing in the classroom and for themselves, learn activities that they can use straight away. Participants will learn tricks that are easy and fun to implement, transforming their life as well as each child’s.


Areas of Focus include:

  • It’s all about the Check-in - An easy way to build trust, community & care

  • Structure - Giving you a process where every child feels safe a free to explore and grow

  • Understanding Emotions - Strategies on how to calm down

  • Awareness - Shifting where one’s attention is

  • Tools - The difference between Behaviour & Emotions

  • Solving Problems through Story & Active Engagement

  • Being Centre - Guided Meditation, Breathing & Moving Exercises



1/2 Day Session - $1200 per group
Full Day Session - $2000 per group


To book please register below or contact us for more information.

Breaking Through Boundaries

Skills that can be implemented straight away to help you achieve your dreams and be the greatest leader possible.

Boundaries is a powerful term that ignites many different feelings and meanings in each individual. When we use the term "Boundaries" with the concept of Leadership, the following areas will be addressed:

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries - How do we do this with love and respect?

  • Respecting People's Boundaries - How do we understand where an individual's boundaries are and respectfully know when to push them and when to ease away?

  • Breaking Through Boundaries that might be stopping us - How do we push ourselves to stop over our own personal blockages so that we can be the best possible leader and achieve our dreams?


Areas of Focus include:

  • Boundaries - Exploring the different areas and concepts of Boundaries

  • Awareness - With awareness comes change

  • Triggers & Behaviour - Understanding your own triggers and behaviour as well as others to learn skills on how to manage situations and groups

  • Self Care - Only when we look after ourselves and we and others thrive

  • Dreams & Possibilities - Discovering your dreams and possibiities and making sure nothing is in the way to stop you from achieving them

This hands on workshop has been run in both corporate settings as well as at school with students or teachers. It is a great self discovery session that provides individuals and groups with skills to allow them to thrive individually and as leaders, walking away stronger, happier and full of potential to follow their dreams, achieve goals and be strong leaders.



1/2 Day Session - $1200 per group
Full Day Session - $2000 per group


To book please register or contact us for more information.

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