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How Wonderland is run!

There are 3 easy steps on how to run Wonderland Interactive Storytelling


1. Introduction: The Magic Box

Each story begins with a Magic Box, where the character puppet is hidden, which the children open with their invisible magic wands and a spell:

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, simsalabim, fidibus.

2. The Story: Interactive Storytelling

With the puppet revealed, the story can begin.
As the facilitator or teacher tells the story, the children act it out using facial expressions, voices and actions. In some stories, the children will have the chance to solve problems, play games or create an ending.

3. Make it yourself: Art Time

Once the story has finished, each child will then get the chance to create the item that was in the Magic Box.

We have found that after these craft sessions children love inventing their own stories with their character puppet and role playing with them.

Wonderland is fun, magical, active and full of creative moments. Let’s go!

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