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Wonderland Interactive Storytelling

A Fun & Imaginative Journey That Allows Each Child to Develop Their Social & Creative Potential

Wonderland is an interactive story program that develops a child’s social, emotional and communication skills while building their self-esteem. Wonderland draws out their intuitive ability through the framework that you as the facilitator/teacher provide.

Wonderland is designed as a template for teachers, or drama facilitators.

It is a project aimed for students aged 3-5. That said, the concept can also be adapted for children ages 6 and 7. It has been created for children as a step before they are old enough to do drama classes. It is “Interactive Story Telling”. 


Meet Cathrin Blickling

Founder of Wonderland Interactive Storytelling

I am a writer, director and producer with experience in both film and theater. I have also been teaching acting for over 10 years to both children and adults.


It was during my time in Vienna that I noticed a lack of opportunities for young children to learn Drama. After the international schools approached me, I developed and ran Wonderland Interactive Storytelling. Having seen the extraordinary benefits this class gives to the students and the fun they have, I am now excited to be able to provide a template so that children all around the world can be part of this magical program.

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