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Wonderland Interactive Storytelling

A Fun & Imaginative Journey That Allows Each Child to Develop Their Social & Creative Potential

Wonderland is an interactive story program that develops a child’s social, emotional and communication skills while building their self-esteem. Wonderland draws out their intuitive ability through the framework that you as the facilitator/teacher provide.

Wonderland is designed as a template for teachers, or drama facilitators.

It is a project aimed for students aged 3-5. That said, the concept can also be adapted for children ages 6 and 7. It has been created for children as a step before they are old enough to do drama classes. It is “Interactive Story Telling”. 


Meet Cathrin Blickling

Founder of Wonderland Interactive Storytelling

Cathrin Blickling is a writer and director in both theatre and film. Her acting training gave her the solid foundation of teaching acting, which later transferred into developing SEL and communication skills for children and adults. 

Cathrin has over 15 years of experience working with schools teaching both children inside the classroom but also working with teachers externally. Her expertise is developing SEL and communication through story and play. She focuses on active learning rather than passive. Wonderland Interactive Storytelling reveals exactly this. 

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