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Coaching & Training Sessions

The term SEL is becoming more and more common, which is great. However as a teacher this can be quite overwhelming when we are expected to incorporate this into our classroom but haven't really received much training or guidance. Do a Wonderland course and discover how you can incorporate SEL and communication skills into your classroom in an easy, fun, engaging and interactive way. You will learn tricks and discover how this can be done with any story that you might be looking at or reading. Ideal for teachers that have Kindergarten or years 1 and 2 classes.

1 hour: INTENSIVE TRAINING - Learn the Tricks to incorporate SEL $90 (AUD) 
4 hours (split over 4 sessions): COMPREHENSIVE - Personalised sessions to help you feel confident with SEL $300 (AUD)
15 minutes: FREE DISCOVERY CALL - Let's get to know each other and see if this is right for you $0.00
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Group training sessions in person or via zoom
Looking at SEL through STORYTELLING
Storytelling is a huge part of our life, especially when we grow up. However, what many people don't realise is just how powerful of a tool it is to develop certain skills and really explore topics, espeically when done interactively and with active engagement. In this session, we will explore just how storytelling can be implemented into your classroom to develop SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) in a fun, active and engaging way. It is easy and will change the way you teach and look at books and stories. 


Cost: $65 per person fo 2 hours or $95 per person for 4 hours - (minimum 8 people)

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Bringing Magic, Awareness and Active Engagement into your Classroom

Through this workshop you will explore the simple framework of Wonderland Interactive Storytelling. How it has been put together so that you as a teacher and educator can feel comfortable while providing material that is fun, interactive, engaging. The session will also explore different SEL and communication skills. Here you will discover how to make this program magical, how you can make it easy for yourself and how you can adapt it so that it can suit each child and each classroom so that no one is left out but instead everyone is included. It's a program that every child will love and thrive in.
Cost: $65 per person fo 2 hours or $95 per person for 4 hours - (minimum 8 people)
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