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The Witch Next Door is a story from The Giant Envelope. Ready for you to have straight away!

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The Storywhizz option offers you the following:

  • A pdf copy of the selected story
  • A pdf Instruction Booklet
  • The pdf puppet template and instructions
  • A pdf Bonus Game Card


The backstory of The Giant Envelope

Every day, all over the world, in magical and non-magical places, people, animals and creatures get into difficulties. They might be sick, or feel lonely or upset, or something bad might have happened to them. Luckily, if they wish hard enough, a message will be send out into the air. Each night a Giant Envelope will fly into the sky and collect those messages to find the right help.


The focus of this unit

The main focus of The Giant Envelope is expanding the imagination and problem-solving.


Story Synopsis and Focus

The woman living next door to Daniel and Valeria is not your ordinary neighbour. The children always suspected that she was a witch. This was confirmed when a letter from Choshara arrives begging the children to come and rescue him. Come and join Daniel and Valeria as they embark on the adventure of rescuing Choshara. What does a witches garden look like? What will you find inside a Witches house?


This is a fun adventure where the imagination really flies high as children learn about staying focused on a task, not letting fear get in the way and thinking of creative solutions.

The Witch Next Door - Storywhizz

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    Please contact the publisher if you would like more licences or you wish to share the product with you colleagues. 

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