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The Deluxe Story option is the story and activity set made for your convenience and joy. With everything you needed provided and ready to use.


This includes the following items:

  • A hard copy of the story chosen and bound
  • An Instruction Booklet
  • 24 puppet templates printed and cut (if you need more, they can also be ordered individually)
  • Craft items for the puppets
  • Bonus Game Card


Everything is beautifully packed to make your experience special and magical as well.


Magic Mountain Beasts comes from the book The Giant Envelope


Backstory of The Giant Envelope

Every day, all over the world, in magical and non-magical places, people, animals and creatures get into difficulties. They might be sick, or feel lonely or upset, or something bad might have happened to them. Luckily, if they wish hard enough, a message will be send out into the air. Each night a Giant Envelope will fly into the sky and collect those messages to find the right help.


The focus of this unit

The main focus of The Giant Envelope is expanding the imagination and problem-solving.


Story Synopsis and Focus

Cornelius the Terrible is a Magic Mountain Beast that is not so nice. He has managed to steal Magic Mountain Beast Pumpletine’s token, which allows him to enter the human world disguised as a human. Luckily Adela and Caden have joined Pumpletine on this mission to get that token back. This adventure definitely needs the work and bravery of all three together.


This story is about love and how through kindness and being there for one another one is not so lonely and will always find a solution. It is however also a great story to explore as a warning that there are dangers in life and one does have to be careful.

Magic Mountain Beasts - Deluxe Story