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1st Reason Why - Active Entertainment / Active Education

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

One image represents one thousand words and I always say one video represents one thousand images. So here you go, this is active entertainment/education.

Compared to passive entertainment/education:

Personally I think the difference can't be explained better in words.

What's important to note is that I am not against letting children watch some TV. I am a director and writer, I would be sabotaging my own industry if I felt differently. However, when it comes to the benefits of active entertainment and education the list is endless.

A good way to see it is by asking yourself the question, what do you remember more, something you were told about or something that happened to you personally? Wonderland gets the children up and doing the activity. They have a multiple learning experience - auditory, visual and experiential. While this is more fun, making the adventure all the more real, it is also great on enhancing skills such as expression and communication.

I could go on and on about the benefits of active entertainment/education, but I hope the videos and photos have said enough. It is a method with so many benefits. If you are interested to read more about it, I did find a good website - Smart Sparrow.

So what better way for your child/the children to spend a morning or afternoon than going on an adventure, being up and letting their imagination fly through the sky while physically taking part. And if you have the home package, you can either go on the adventure as well or sit back and enjoy watching.

The first story can be bought in the products section. Until Wednesday midnight you can still receive 10% off with the coupon code: LAUNCHWEEK!1. I will upload more stories in the next week although the next Home Package story may take a little longer. You can also get more information on Wonderland Interactive Storytelling in the about section and if you are a teacher, check out how this program fits in the EYLF or IB systems.

For all teachers we do also have a special deal going so please contact me before buying anything.

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