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4th Reason Why - Repetition that doesn't drive you crazy!

We all know that repetition is wonderful in regards to children learning and retaining new skills and knowledge. It's also lovely as it means you as parents or teachers don't have to come up with something new straight away, but singing a song over and over or playing hide and seek for 45 minutes always hiding in the same spot, it can drive you crazy.

Wonderland is set up in such a way that it can be done over and over but because the activity is long enough and if you are doing the story versions you can add your own changes, this repetition suddenly becomes something that's also fun for you. As Wonderland also has other activities that build from it, it means there is plenty of rotation and a break before you begin the cycle again.

Wonderland has been set up in such a way that I haven't yet encountered one child that doesn't like this program. It is a given that every child prefers one thing more than another. As Wonderland includes, stories, getting up and being active, craft, role play, games and learning new facts, there is at least one thing in there that will get each child excited and wanting more.

Wonderland explores different concepts and themes but it also teaches a child to ask questions, to wonder again. I believe this is one of the most important things in life as it keeps us eager to learn teaching one to become reflective and inquisitive. And the best thing is by doing it multiple times, new things can be discovered and one can go more in depth.

This morning I received some photos and a short video of a puppet show including a catwalk being done by the children of one family. It was so lovely watching this. I am so glad Wonderland is finally reaching children outside of me running the classes. I love getting feedback and receiving these photos so please do feel free to contact me. Also if you have any questions I am happy to jump on a conference call with you. The stories can be found in the product section of the website.

I'll see you all again tomorrow for the 5th and final reason why!

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