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Free Weekly Activities - SEASONS

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Have you ever been caught out by some of the questions asked by the young ones? I love how inquisitive they are and I forget how many things I just take for what they are rather than still wondering why something happens or how. One of those questions that caught me out was "How do leaves become colourful and why do the trees lose their leaves for winter?". With this in mind I thought exploring the seasons could be great fun, especially as I have noticed here in Melbourne some of the trees already beginning to blossom.

There's something special about each of the seasons, and I hope you have lots of fun at home or in the classroom with these activities that I have found online and put together. Something creative, active, musical and playful while you explore The Seasons!!!

Click here for PDF version with active links

If you have't already noticed, we are excited to have also launched our live stream. Every Monday at 10am AEST we are doing one of the Wonderland stories from The Giant Envelope. This can be accessed via Facebook or if you register on the Cleeng link that we send round each week, then you will be able to access the live stream for up to 72 hours whenever and as many times as you like. You will also receive the puppet template that goes with each story to print out for free.

The live streams are great for the classroom or at home. It's a 25 minute adventure where you don't have to feel guilty about your child being in front of the screen as they will be up and moving as they actively engage in the story using their body, voice, imagination and learning lots of skills.

To not miss out, make sure you follow us on Facebook, or contact us to sign up as we will then send you the registration link directly.

We hope this is one way we can help everyone during the pandemic.

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