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Free Weekly Activities - SUPERHEROES

OK I have to admit, this has probably been one of my favourite activity sheets to create so far. I was never much into superheroes as a child. I was more of a princess and fairy type of girl, however this has been fun. Putting together these sheets, searching the internet for activities, craft ideas, stories, songs and games, has really brought out the inner child again.

While I always new there is a lot more to superheroes than the good fighting the villains, which to be honest can be fun too, it was nice to actually take time and think from a child's perspective, what the meaning of superhero could be.

So I hope you and your little ones have as much fun with these activities as I had putting them together. Regardless if you are in the classroom or at home, let them bring you joy, creativity, power and play.

Click here for PDF version with active links.

If you haven't already noticed, we are also very busy bring you a FREE weekly live stream of the Wonderland stories from The Giant Envelope. Every Monday at 10am AEST we go live on Facebook with one of the adventures and because we know everyone's schedule is different and some of you are in different time zones, you do have the chance to view a replay for a whole week by registering at Cleeng.

The replays are also great as I know from experience how much children love to repeat these stories. Watch them as they get up in front of the screen moving, acting and reacting to what is going on. Watch them grow as they repeat the adventures becoming more confident and more involved. Watch them as they continue the story and play with the puppet or craft item that comes out of the Magic Box.

To stay up to date and not miss out also sign-up here. We will always send you the latest link or news of what we are doing here at WONDERLAND!

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