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Free weekly Activities - OUR 5 SENSES

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

With all the regulations and restrictions, I realised last week just how many things the little ones are missing out on that we used to take for granted. We are so fortunate that a lot of the cities we live in are usually filled with experiences and events that we can take the young ones too and a lot of these events for the younger age group are build around sensory experiences.

So I thought it was time to explore our senses and bring as many different experiences to the home as we can.

Have fun and really pick and choose the activities that interest you. These will also be great throughout the next few weeks and could be done as a weekly theme always choosing one different sense to look at.

Click here for PDF version with active links

We are very excited to also share with you our first Wonderland Live Streams starting today!!!! Each live stream will be a different adventure that the children get to go on from The Giant Envelope. The stories are around 20-30 minutes long and wonderful for the classroom or at home. Allow your children screen time without feeling guilty as they will be actively engaged acting out the story, using their imagination and learning skills that will help them in all different areas of life.

To not miss out make sure you follow us on Facebook, as they will be Facebook live stream. Also for the latest deals, make sure you sign up as we will email you promotion codes and all of the live stream details directly.

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