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Under the Sea - The Whale

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I know the whale is big, but honestly I could have done a whole unit just on whales.

Here is a small selection of the fun activities, facts and entertainment I found online.

Living in Australia and having parents that live by the beach, I am lucky to have gone whale watching a lot. I loved it as a child but to be honest I am probably even more amazed at the mammals now as an adult. Whenever I see a whale and especially a mother with her cub, for that moment I feel like the world is still OK and that some things haven't been touched by humans yet. Of course I know how much even the whale has suffered from human activity. So even though this pandemic is awful, a small blessing is that hopefully the world and the animals can revitalise a little.

While I have been putting these surprise activities together for Audrey and now also for your child/children, I've enjoyed revisiting some things that I learnt years ago at school and honestly learning new facts as well. I hope you have also enjoyed doing this with your child/children. Please remember it is not my original work but instead activities and files that I have found online and put together for fun surprise packages. To have a look at all the packages I've so far released online, go to the Blog section.

We are working on having our product ready as soon as possible. To stay up-to-date with Wonderland Interactive Storytelling remember to sign-up.

Have fun and till tomorrow!

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