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Pet Hotel - Sophisticated and Sassy Cats

For this week I've decided to go with something really fun, a pet hotel. Each day we will look at a different type of pet, but before we begin, maybe they would like to make the pet hotel. What would a pet hotel look like? What would be needed for their ideal holiday? Would it have a playground, a swimming pool, a mud bath or a huge grassy meadow? Would the hotel be really tall or long with lot's of rooms? Would humans go there too or is it only for the pets? This can be as crazy or as beautiful as they like. The perfect place for pets to go for holiday.

And for the first pet I have chosen the cat.

I used the two adjectives sassy and sophisticated, but really there are so many that describe cats. They really are characters. Maybe discuss with your child what they think their cat would be like. This may influence the way they do their craft or you can discuss it after they have made their cat. So have fun with these cat activities I found online.

Here in Australia it is nice to now have some sort of guideline of how we are going to get out of this lockdown. I'm going to continue with the free activity sheets until the whole country is in stage 2. If any parents of teachers from other countries would like me to continue please send me a message as I know this is a global catastrophe and I'd be more than happy to help. Otherwise for any missed activity sheets, you can all find them in the blog section of the Wonderland website.

Have a lovely week and please do feel free to comment on the Facebook page with comments, ideas and feedback.

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