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Pet Hotel - Prancing Pony

Updated: May 14, 2020

Why is it that My Little Pony became such a hit? I discussed this yesterday with entrepreneur and marketing guru Tom Poland who believes that the title alone is amazing marketing as it's every girls dream to have a pony.

They really are gorgeous animals though, ponies and horses, and the stories I found online were a real joy to watch. I naturally had to include Black Beauty. Enjoy these online activities and by now the pet hotel must be looking rather grant.

Yesterday I received a beautiful email about the Wonderland Program and how it is perfect to use as a teacher to create as material for home learning. It's funny how I have been focusing on parents and teachers separately but I never put the idea together for teachers to do their own recording or making it interactive over the screen themselves. The feedback and emails I have been receiving having been wonderful for me to see how the products are working world wide, so please do contact me if there is anything you would like to let me know. Also for teachers I have got a special going. To receive the coupon, send me a quick message or connect via Facebook.

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