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Pet Hotel - Happy Hamster

This is probably one of the pets I know least about, not counting reptiles. Apart from the few times growing up when I visited a friend who had a hamster, I haven't really had much to do with them. However based on statistics, hamsters are right up there with the most popular pets to have.

So having put together this activity sheet with different things I found online, I actually learnt quite a lot about hamsters and why some people love these as pets.

Hope your child enjoys making a hamster and adding this pet to the hotel. Each animal comes with many ideas of what a pet hotel may also want to include.

I'm not sure if you have already noticed, but I've been busy adding more stories to our Wonderland product page. I will continue to do so and I am hoping by the end of this week that the whole Giant Envelope book will be uploaded and ready to use.

If you do want anymore information or have any questions I can be contact via the website or on Facebook.

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