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Pet Hotel - Cute and Clever Dog

So after the cat I naturally had to choose the dog.

I have always loved both cats and dogs and been fortunate enough to have grown up with both. However, after having raised Fidget, a puppy for Vision Australia to be a Seeing Eye Dog, I have definitely become more a of a dog person. It's amazing how much these animals give to people and with that I personally believe comes a huge responsibility.

So enjoy this activity sheet with things I have found online all on dogs including a section about service dogs.

If you are interested you can have a look at some photos of Fidget on the Instagram page of my film The Jailer Within, as Fidget became our little companion following me to all the meetings and on set. Mentioning film, I haven't watched it but apparently Dog Hotel is quite cute and very fitting with this theme I think.

Have fun and I will see you all tomorrow for the third pet. Remember any activity sheets missed you can find them in the blogs section of the Wonderland Interactive Storytelling website. And for questions, ideas or comments please go to the Facebook page or contact us directly. I do love hearing about ideas and receiving photos of the different craft items.

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