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Outer Space - The Sun

Welcome to another week of fun activity sheets. This week I have chosen the theme Outer Space.

To begin, your child/children can make a huge outer space sheet with little stars or maybe a box that is painted inside, to fill each day with the different outer space things we will look at and create throughout the week.

For our first activity we are looking at the sun!

Enjoy making, learning and having fun with these activities that I found online all to do with the sun.

Here in Australia it is so nice having things open up slowly again while also know that we really have done well in a pandemic that could have gone any other way. My thoughts really go out with people in countries where this is not the case and I really hope these activity sheets bring some joy into households where parents are trying to juggle having their kids at home while also doing work.

I have finished uploading all online stories from The Giant Envelope. The other products from this unit will slowly be added throughout the week. In regards to Wonderland things are moving forward and it's exciting as it is starting to reach children in all different countries. Any teacher please contact me for a free sample. If anyone has any questions or would like to make comments I can be contacted via the website or Facebook.

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