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Outer Space - The Solar System & Our Planets

This has probably been one of my favourite surprise activity sheets to put together so far and mainly because as I watched and found all the different activities online, I began to remember so much that I had learnt as a child and the joy and fascination I had back then.

I hope this will keep your child/children fascinated, engaged, active and creative for at least a couple of hours. At least there are 8 planets that can be made!!!

I hope everyone is doing well. When I had first started with the surprise activity sheets, I thought I was only going to be doing it for one girl. So it has been the nicest feeling watching so many parents and teachers engage with them and I love the fact that we have taken them to hospitals as well.

Please do share these. They have been put together to help as many people as possible where children don't quite have the freedom at the moment that I would have had as a child and where adults need to juggle so many things simultaneously or come up with new ideas everyday to engage the young and active minds. If anyone has a question, would like to leave a comment or send through some photos, please do so via Facebook or this website. And we do have some exciting Wonderland products as well that are full of fun and benefit the young ones in so many ways.

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