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Outer Space - The Moon

After having looked at the stars, sun and the planets, I thought it's definitely time to look at the moon.

I don't know about you but I always find there is something calm and peaceful about the moon. Also something magical and mystical, which I point out in this activity sheet, which is an accumulation of things I found online all to do with the moon.

Enjoy making a moon with your child/children for their Outer Space project. I know I'm definitely enjoying this unit much more than I first anticipated. I don't think I'll ever become too old to still wonder about what is out there. It puts us into perspective as well of just how small we are in the scheme of something much bigger and how precious our earth is.

If anyone has any wishes on what theme to do next week, feel free to let me know via Facebook or the website. Enjoy and see you all tomorrow for the last Outer Space activity sheet. If you are enjoying these, please do share so we can help as many parents and teachers as we are all juggling many things at the moment. And feel free to check out the Wonderland Products. Teachers please get in touch to receive your FREE story to try.

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