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Magical Creatures - Unicorn

From witches to wizards, mermaids to sea monsters, fairies, trolls, pixies and dragons the fantasy world is endless. This is probably one of my favourite themes as here everything is possible.

To go with all the magical creatures, maybe your child would like to make a magical forest, mountain, island or castle to give them a home. But for now enjoy the first magical creature, one that is known for its purity, the unicorn.

I also found this animated feature film The Last Unicorn. I'm not sure if it is something for all children, which is why I didn't want to include it in the activity pdf of online activities I found, so I'll leave that up to you.

Last week I received a lovely email from the Children Hospital in Brisbane. They have been doing the free activity sheets and the Wonderland products I donated to them as due to the COVID 19 situation many are in isolation. I am so glad that in this difficult time we can bring a bit of joy to some so please do remember to share these blogs to help as many parents during the lockdown.

If anyone has any questions or would like to leave comments based on these activity sheets or Wonderland Interactive Storytelling, you can contact me via the website or Facebook.

See you all tomorrow for another magical creature.

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