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In the Jungle - King of the Jungle

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This weeks theme is 'In the Jungle' and with that I of course had to start with the king of the jungle - The Lion.

This should be a fun and cute week and if you feel like it, maybe your child/children can make a jungle for the animals to live and play in.

So here is your first surprise activity sheet for this theme. The art and craft idea as well as some fun things I found online all to do with lions.

I hope you are all coping OK and that you had a wonderful weekend with your family. To always receive the latest news or the surprise activity sheets, follow our Facebook page or go to the blogs page of our Wonderland Interactive Storytelling website.

Last week I also posted 5 blogs on 'the reason why' Wonderland will change your child's life. If you are interested you can find them here.

Have fun with the lion and I will see you tomorrow.

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