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In the Jungle - The Ginormous Elephant

Like the other themes there are many more animals I could explore as part of the jungle and it took me quite a while to decide, which one to do for today. In the end though I couldn't resist this one. I mean, which child isn't fascinated by this animal!

So enjoy the last surprise activity sheet for 'In the Jungle' with lots of fun things I found online all to do with elephants.

By now the jungle your child/children have made should be starting to look quite active and fun. If there is an animal that I didn't choose which your child loves, maybe they can make it themselves over the weekend. I'm happy for people to also share photos of their craft items to our Facebook page. There have been some fantastic photos that I have received, which I've really enjoyed.

I will see you all again next week for a new theme. I hope these have helped parents who are at home with their children. Remember if you have missed out on some, you can always find them in the Audrey Surprise blog section. Also if you are struggling with something to do this weekend, check out our Wonderland Home Package. To find out what Wonderland is you can have a look at the website or check out some of the Wonderland blogs.

See you all next week and have fun making an elephant!

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