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In the Jungle - Clever Parrot

Time to go up to the top of the trees. These are just such beautiful birds and every jungle needs to have them.

I also like the fact that every child can really use whatever colours they like for their bird. They always brighton up the green jungle space.

Tomorrow I will post the last surprise activity sheet on this theme. I hope your child/children have enjoyed this unit and it has brought some joy into your household during this difficult time. While we are so lucky with all the material that can be found online, I find searching and coming up with the next idea can be very stressful.

Personally I love working with this age group. It's amazing what ideas they come up with as their imagination seems to still be unharnessed and they really do just soak up so much information. Keeping their interests awake is one of the things I find important, which is why I do like to add the cool facts into these surprise activity sheets. While the Wonderland Interactive Storytelling products are quite different to these activity sheets, you will see the common thread where I try to use different sets of activities to keep a child entertained, learning and creative including arts and crafts, movement and story.

See you all tomorrow for the last jungle animal and for now enjoy 'The Clever Parrot'.

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