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In the Jungle - Cheeky Monkey

Every jungle has to have a cheeky monkey and I couldn't think of a more fun animal to have a surprise activity sheet on.

Your child/children may know a couple of the activities I already found online. It should be extra fun doing them with their craft toy though.

As a child monkeys used to be my favourite animal. This changed very quickly after a visit to Bali and the monkey temple. From what looks cheeky when you watch them behind bars at a zoo or on TV very becomes quite scary when a monkey jumps on your head and pulls your hair. To be fair though my brother had pulled that monkey's tail when walking past. After that it did take me a couple of years before I really appreciated them again. I don't know about your child/children, but my nieces love it when I tell them stories from the past.

This week I will only do one blog on Wonderland Interactive Storytelling. This is to free up some time so I can edit the 2nd story for the Home Package. If you haven't read the ones from last week, you can find them here and I will continue to each day still post the surprise activity sheet.

If you do have questions or if you want to stay up-to-date remember to follow us on Facebook or sign-up here.

See you tomorrow and enjoy the Cheeky Monkey.

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