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Free Weekly Activity Sheets - SEEDS & PLANTS

I thought this would be a cute topic to explore from home or the classroom, especially as plants are so important to our planet and to us.

There are endless amounts of activities online that you can find in regards to seeds and plants and I feel like in the activity sheets I've only touched on a couple of different aspects of this theme. But I hope the activities I did choose keep the young ones entertained, creative, active and hopefully inquisitive to find out more.

Click here for PDF version with active links

I came up with this topic after spending a weekend with my nieces. We had gone for an adventure into the forest. Both of them have a big imaginative mind and we love coming up with fantasy stories while exploring new areas. In this case however we weren't making up stories. Instead they were asking so many questions about how the trees grew, what they eat, if they are alive or not etc. The weekend with them reminded me how important it is to always ask questions, to walk around with open eyes and to still be amazed by things.

Enjoy this weeks theme with ideas and activities that I found online. I will see you all next week for a new theme and if in the meantime you are struggling with more ideas for the little ones, check out the Wonderland stories. If you need a specific one to be pointed to in the right direction, just send a quick message via the website or Facebook.

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