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Free Weekly Activity Sheets - Plastic & Recycling

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These seem to be the three R words that children are growing up with today and how great is that. It is said that it takes a generation for things to change. Unfortunately I think it's more like three. When I was younger it was all about recycling, which is awesome, but is it really enough? Especially when our country is not really set up to recycle properly. Each small bit helps and I think the great thing is we can really learn with the children about this and together already start making changes. So this weeks topic is PLASTIC and RECYCLING!

When I lived in Vienna, I was doing drama holiday camps for children as part of the theatre company I had. One of the topics we were looking at was our planet and as part of the play we were creating we went to a children's exhibition that was currently on all about plastic. It was absolutely amazing and what I loved best was that it wasn't so much about making us feel bad using plastic but instead, while looking at the positives, it really made us aware of what plastic is, what it does to the earth and how we can change things. It definitely effected the way the children put their play together.

So I hope these activity sheets will inspire discussions, experiments, creative art, play as well as awareness and change.

Click here for PDF version with active links

Children learn through stories and play. I use this concept for both the activity sheets as well as the Wonderland products that I created. The other day I received a message from one of the parents whose daughter was doing the Home Package story during lockdown. Apparently for two weeks she had woken up and everyday wanted to go on this adventure. After a month rest of doing the story, she was role playing with her mum when the mum realised that the story that her daughter was telling, was a recreation of the Wonderland story she had done so many weeks ago, with slight adaptations to suit some of the things they had been exploring that week. It's messages like these that really make me realise how important it is both what and how we explore concepts and ideas with children, as it does shape them in so many ways.

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