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Free Weekly Activity Sheets - INSECTS

While here in Australia lock down is slowly easing and children are back at kindergarten and school, I have decided to stop with the daily activity sheets. However, I am so aware that this is not the case for everyone. Some places in the world are not over the worst of it, and even here in Australia some parents still have their children at home or teachers are still juggling multiple things. So I will be creating weekly activity sheets for you. Similarly to the daily ones, theses activity sheets are filled with facts, songs, stories, craft, movement and other activities that I have found online for you. They can be used for the classroom or at home and will always follow a different theme. Unlike the daily ones, I have made these more comprehensive so hopefully they will keep the young ones occupied, inspired and creative for most of the week.

This week the theme is INSECTS.

Enjoy these activities and if anyone would like me to explore something specific, please contact me via the website or Facebook and let me know.

For PDF version with active links click here!

I will see you all next week for another theme.

Have fun with your children or in your classroom and if you are looking for more things to do, check out our Wonderland products. Teachers please remember you do receive a free story to trial so contact me with your school, kindergarten or centre!

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