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Forms of Transport - Boats

As we have now focused on flying things, I wanted to change direction and return back to earth.

So here are some fun activities I found online all to do with boats.

I did also want to look at the history of boats, how they changed over time and all the different groups of people and cultures that used boats, but it was becoming too big for one single activity sheet. That said, if your child is loving this topic, maybe that's an idea for you to continue exploring.

It's been now one week of having the first Wonderland Interactive Storytelling products up for sale. I love receiving the feedback, how much fun children are having doing the stories and making their own puppets. I am now busy editing the second film, so that I can get that out as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact me. Also if you would like some ideas on how to extend the home package with other activities, send me a quick message and I'll email you some things through. I am releasing daily information about the Wonderland program, in the Wonderland blogs if you are interested.

I'll see you all tomorrow for another free surprise activity sheet.

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