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Fairy Tales - The Snow Queen

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

So I couldn't help myself. With Frozen being such a hit, I thought it would be interesting for children to discover the inspiration of where Elsa and Anna's story came from.

So enjoy this collection of activities that I have found online and put together exploring The Snow Queen. Of course also including Frozen, after all the songs themselves are irresistible!

EXCITING NEWS! We have just launched our first Wonderland Interactive Storytelling products. If you are a teacher or carer at a childcare centre or Kindergarten, please touch base with me for an education promo code. You can contact me here. For parents, I have been busy creating a special edition bringing it to the screen, so that you can do Wonderland at home with your children. Your edition is called Home Package. I hope you have lot's of fun.

Tomorrow I will write a Blog that will talk about the benefits of doing Wonderland Interactive Storytelling and how it builds your child's self esteem and social and communication skills while they learn and have fun. And of course each story comes with an art/craft activity of the puppet from the Magic Box. The key I found is that even once it's been brought to the screen, where Wonderland differs to most other entertainment and learning channels online, is that it is all about it being an active entertainment experience.

For now however, enjoy The Snow Queen and I will continue to create these surprise activity sheets during this time.

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