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Easter - The Easter Bunny

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In some ways it seems so weird to think about celebrating Easter at the moment. And yet, it's probably more important than ever. When I look back at my memories of Easter I remember all the fun craft, baking and painting sessions with my brothers, mum and grandmother. I remember being together as a family. I remember dad telling us funny Easter stories and I remember looking for our Easter nests and going on lots of Easter egg hunts. I guess it was all about family and spending time with loved ones, while also discussing where Easter came from and the meaning behind it.

So for this week I have decided to go with the theme of Easter. Each day I will look for a different baking, craft or cooking idea for you to do with your child/children. Some will be more commercial, while others will look at traditions and culture.

The first one though, had to be the Easter Bunny. I wanted to also include a clip of where the concept of the Easter bunny came from, but as there are probably still lots of beautiful souls out there that believe in magic, I decided to leave it. However, if I have time I'll see if I can write the short story I once created on my theory of the Easter Bunny. I'll see how I go.

For now, enjoy making an Easter Bunny with your child/children and maybe you can come up with your own story!

I'm really enjoying finding all this material for you online. I hope it is helping lots of parents and teachers and that the children are having so much fun. We are also getting very close to releasing our own Wonderland Interactive Storytelling products, which are completely original. If you want to stay up-to-date with release dates and offers, remember to sign-up. Have fun with the Easter Bunny!

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