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Easter - Colouring Eggs

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

This time I decided to do something a little more traditional - colouring eggs. This could be a bit messy, sorry about that, but it is also one of my fondest memories and I still like to do it today.

There are two different ways of doing this. The first is to colour hard boiled eggs that we then used to decorate a special easter loaf, you can find the recipe here. The second is to blow out the egg white and yolk before painting the shell. These eggs are great to decorate branches bringing an easter feel to the house.

I put both methods for you below with the other activities that I found online, all to do with Easter and painting Easter eggs.

With tomorrow being Good Friday I will do one more Easter activity for you and your child/children. If you have missed some however and feel like catching up on quality family fun, you can find all of the surprise activity sheets in the Blog section of the website.

In regards to Wonderland Interactive Storytelling the plan is to have the first products ready to launch straight after Easter. These are activities that build a child's self esteem, confidence, communication skills and allows them to use their body, face, voice and imagination. It includes fun games and art & craft through the use of puppetry. To straight away find out about the launch and any special offers, please remember to sign-up and/or like our facebook page.

Enjoy colouring eggs and maybe wear some old clothes!!!

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