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Easter - An Easter Basket

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

When I was on the phone talking to Audrey who showed me her beautiful Bunny that she made, she also made it very clear that this bunny needed a basket.

Obviously I couldn't disagree with her. So here is a whole surprise activity sheet to do with the Easter basket.

Thank you everyone for sharing these posts on facebook. It is so lovely seeing how many families and teachers are benefiting and enjoying them. Knowing how many people it is reaching I'm enjoying even more finding the resources online and putting everything together and especially Easter is a fun treat during this time.

Wonderland Interactive Storytelling products are in their final stages of being ready to be published, so please remember to sign-up so you can receive discount codes and all updates. And if you have missed any of these activity sheets, which I will continue to do to try and help every child and parent that is home, you can find them in my Blogs.

Have fun making the easter basket and doing all the other fun activities!

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