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Dinosaurs - Triceratops

Yesterday I received a photo of a fantastic Dinosaur landscape that a brother and sister made. The landscape included paper maché hills, trees, rocks and a volcano. It looked absolutely amazing and was clearly a project that had been going on for days not even including the dinosaurs that I have been releasing everyday in the activity sheets. After I saw that photo I did some research of different DIY volcanoes. There are a lot of sites up including small scientific experiment ones, which you may be interested in. Otherwise here is a nice one that can be made and included in your child's landscape with step-by-step instructions.

Now for the next dinosaur that your child/children can explore and make, here is the Triceratops.

Tomorrow I will be releasing the final dinosaur activity sheet for this theme. If anyone has any questions or would like to leave feedback, I can be contacted via the website or Facebook.

Teachers please remember you do receive a FREE Wonderland Story, which includes different activities that go with the story. So please be in touch! Enjoy the Triceratops everyone and see you tomorrow!

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