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Dinosaurs - Stegosaurus

A friendly but very big dinosaur to explore. The Stegosaurus!

Personally I'm finding it very nice to finally learn the names to each of these creatures that we do grow up with but I've never shown too much interest in. Creating these activity sheets has definitely sparked an interest in me, which is really nice.

I find it's easy to discuss with children topics that are also of our own interest, so this has been a great reminder for me to also let the children at times do the leading. And with that we may also be lucky enough to learn something new!

If anyone has got any suggestions for the next weeks theme, please get in touch via Facebook or the website. After all these activity sheets are to help you as parents or teachers, so if there is anything specific your child/children are into at the moment, I am happy to explore it. Also, any activity sheets missed you can always find them on the blogs.

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