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Dinosaurs - Pterodactyl

The more I am exploring these fascinating creatures, the more I draw parallels to them and dragons. Especially when looking at the Pterodactyl. It now seems to make sense why so many different cultures around the world have dragons in their fairytale stories or celebrations.

So here are some fun activities about the Pterodactyl that I found online. Enjoy learning, singing, dancing and making the art. And maybe your child/children can also create some fun imaginary adventures with their craft item.

For Wonderland it has been a great week talking to different teachers and childcare centres as well as some organisations including helping children who are disadvantaged. There are so many benefits to this program and having seen the joy children have in doing these stories, I'm glad it's finally starting to go global, in a slow but steady way. If you are a teacher and would like to try a FREE story, please contact me. Enjoy this Dinosaur activity sheet and see you all again tomorrow!

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