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Dinosaurs - Elasmosaurus

Having not had much of an idea about dinosaurs until after I put all of these activity sheets together, this image below was a great help in understanding which dinosaur is which. I thought I'd share it with you in case your child/children would like to continue and make more dinosaurs over the weekend for their landscape.

It's a good overview of the main ones and I particularly found the images very helpful. Your child might already know most of these, if they are into dinosaurs!

For the last dinosaur, I have decided to take it to the water and explore the Elasmosaurus.

There weren't many kids craft examples for this animal online, but I hope the images that I have found will spark enough of your child's/children imagination.

Now that things are opening up again in Australia and children are back at school / childcare, I have decided to do one more week of daily Surprise Activity sheets. However, as I have enjoyed the engagement that has come with these, I have decided to continue with a weekly activity sheet that will spark an interest and get your child / children started for a theme that they can build on. This will also be filled with art and craft, stories, music, movement and other ideas to do at home, outside or in the classroom. If you ever have missed any of the activity sheets or you would like to revisit some, you can always find them in the Audrey's Surprise section of the blogs. Also the Wonderland products themselves will continue to grow and be available.

For any comments, feedback or questions you can reach me via the website of Facebook. Teachers please remember you do receive a FREE sample, so get in touch.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, enjoy this last activity sheet on Dinosaurs and I will see you all next week for our final round of daily Audrey's Surprise Activity Sheets!!!

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