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Australian Animals - Kookaburra

I find one way to really notice that you are in a different country when traveling, is through the sounds the different birds make. While I lived in the U.K. and in Austria I felt like the birds sang, whereas here in Australia the birds seem to more call or talk to each other. Of course these sounds change from region to region as well but for me they make a difference and create atmosphere to a place.

So it's not surprising that I chose the kookaburra. A bird that laughs like no other in the world.

They are such beautiful birds and it always brings joy to me when I see them in the wild.

Enjoy this activity sheet filled with activities I found online that will get each child creating, making, moving, singing and learning!

I will see you all tomorrow for another Australian Animal and I hope your child or classroom won't drive you too crazy practicing the laugh of the kookaburra.

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