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Australian Animals - Koala

Every child's favourite, the koala.

However while they are absolutely adorable to explore, since the bushfires, I think it's even more important for our next generation to be aware of these beautiful animals. Hopefully this activity sheet will spark some good conversation while of course also being fun, creative and full of adventure.

By now you may have noticed that in these activity sheets I have tried to also incorporate some stories and activities from our First Nations people. Stories are what shaped humans all over the world. They have always been a way to bring people together, teach lessons, entertain and explain different ideas, concepts and knowledge. When a child is born and in their early years, they don't yet know what is bad and what is good, what is the same and what is different. They soak up the knowledge and take what works for them. It's in the way we bring up the next generation that we can really make a difference in the way people live together, learn together and work together.

I will see you all tomorrow for the next Australian Animal to explore. I hope these online activities and links are providing you with some fun in the classroom or at home. For any questions or comments you can contact me via Facebook or the website. And don't forget we have our very own Wonderland activity sets to purchase here. Teachers you do receive your free story sample, so please send us a quick message stating where you teach. Parents there is a special home package that was created just for you so you can sit back and relax while your child is up and activity partaking on the adventure.

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