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Australian Animals - Kangaroo

With restrictions slowly opening up here in Australia, this will be the final week where I create daily surprise activity sheets. However, I won't let things go completely, as I do really enjoy the engagement that has come from these activity sheets and I know there are still parents and teachers who have to juggle many things. So, after this week I will change over to an exciting weekly theme, also filled with lots of ideas, art and craft, music, movement and stories for inside and outside.

For the final daily surprise sheets I have decided to focus on Australian Animals. These animals really are special and unique. They are also the fascination of children and adults from all around the world.

The first animal will be the kangaroo!!!

When I was a child and we just moved from Germany to our farm in Armidale NSW, my friends had no idea how to picture my new life. One of my friends even asked me if we had cars, to which I replied "of course not, who needs a car if you can be carried in the pouch of a kangaroo." While I always wished this was true, I did love growing up in the country where there would be so many kangaroos especially in the mornings or early evenings.

Have fun with your child / children exploring and making the first Australian Animal - The Kangaroo. These are all activities I found online and have put together for you, including a Dreamtime story.

As part of Australian Animals, your child / children may enjoy making a landscape of Australia. I found some examples online. Depending on the child's age, these may be a little difficult, but they can be as simple as sticking some sand on paper, or using coloured pieces of scrap paper to make bushland, a forest, ocean or the desert.

If anyone would like to leave any comments, feedback or has some questions, I can be contacted via Facebook or the website. Also in regards to the Wonderland products, teachers please get in touch as you do receive a free story, which includes the whole activity pack that goes with it.

See you all tomorrow for the next Australian Animal!

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