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Australian Animals - Emu & Echidna

Like most of the themes I chose, there are just so many more things that can be explored. This is also the case with Australian Animals. There's the wombat, dingo, frill neck lizard and the flying fox just to name a few. When I finally had to decide which one to do last, I couldn't choose between the emu and the echidna, so I decided to just do them both.

Enjoy the final activity sheet on Australian Animals with activities, stories, craft and songs that I found online.

By now the Australian landscape from your child /children should be looking very full and active. That said, if they are wanting to expand, as listed above, there are plenty more Australian animals to explore.

Now that things are slowly opening up again in Australia, this is the last of the daily activity sheets that I will be posting. I hope they have brought some joy, fun and relaxation into homes or the classroom. If you have missed any or would like to redo them, you can always find them in the Audrey's Surprise blog section of the website. I will also not abandon you completely. From next week on, I will be doing a weekly big activity sheet, that will also be filled with activities you can find online for your child or classroom to do. These sheets will be filled with even more activities and I will also add ideas on how you can expand them to last throughout the week. So keep a lookout for them.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date please sign up to our mailing list. Wonderland products are also available, and TEACHERS please get in touch as you do receive a free story and activity set to try. Just send us a message with your school or centre details.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week!

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