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2nd Reason Why - Let's conquer the world!

I have broken this up into the individual categories: children, teachers and parents. Although as you will see they are closely linked. I chose the title 'Let's conquer the world' as it takes a strong foundation for children to later have the freedom to really follow their dreams.

This point is massive. As the children act out the story, being either one of the characters or multiple and coming up with their own ideas and solutions, they are suddenly part of the story rather than looking in on it. This gives them a very different understanding of the issues that are explored. They are part of the dilemma that one of the characters might be facing. This means that the problem that has to be solved and the feelings the characters might be going through are easier to understand for the children than if it was spoken about. Rather than looking in on something they are in the middle of it celebrating when everything is solved. This is a great way to explore social scenarios and learn about empathy and problem solving. It also makes the adventure a whole lot more fun and definitely more memorable.

However it is also beneficial for another reason. By being part of the story, children have their attention on the story and not on themselves. This allows them to break through personal barriers and habits. I have seen children that are shy find it easier to join in and even end up standing in front of the class speaking out loud and freely sharing their ideas. I have seen children that struggle working with others step back and listen to different ideas. This is all because it is the story that matters and the reason this suddenly is important is because each child is part of the story. They care what happens to the characters and are excited solving problems together.

Personally I love it when you can take one theme or activity and just build on it. Wonderland Interactive Storytelling allows exactly this. The story itself is already a great starting point. The story is written full of direction and options allowing students to create worlds, come up with different solutions and playing games. As the story also comes with a puppet template apart from having a craft activity to do after the story, role play, retelling the story and creating new characters are just some options. Each story then also has a bonus game to play in the classroom. This can either be done throughout the story or after. All of the games build on specific skills.

Children love doing Wonderland, however the best thing are all the educational benefits they receive while also being entertained. This includes social skills, by being part of the story they gain a deeper understanding of feelings, human interaction and how actions can have an impact.

Communication skills is another huge element learning how to speak clearly, use expression, describing scenarios and places and feeling comfortable using their full body as well as speaking in front of a group. They learn to become aware of their body language and how that can impact the impression one imposes. These are just a few points and it doesn't even include the themes or issues that are being explored in the stories. And the best thing is each child is having fun.

This is the 2nd reason why Wonderland Interactive Storytelling is beneficial and unmissable for your classroom or home. Learning skills and confidence in a fun way that will allow children to conquer the world and follow their dreams.

If you missed yesterdays blog - active entertainment/education you can find it in the blog section. Also until Wednesday midnight, you can receive 10% off with our launch discount. Just put in the coupon code LAUNCHWEEK!1.

If you are a teacher or carer at a pre-school, kindergarten or prep class, please contact me as I have a special for you as well. And I am always up for a half hour zoom session to discuss Wonderland if you have any questions. Just contact me via Facebook or the website.

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