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Wonderland Interactive Storytelling - 5 Reasons Why...

Over the next week I am going to release some information and hindsight into this program. There is a reason why I have put years of work into developing these stories and activities.

I have seen so many children grow, develop and open up as they go on these adventures. I have seen children that are often too shy to speak in front of others shine as they take on different roles and characters. I have seen children learn to be part of a group, listening and trying others ideas, offer ideas of their own and work together coming up with solutions that are outside the box.

I could go on for ages as to why I am creating and pushing Wonderland forward. However, I thought it might be easier to break it into groups and dot points. So below are 5 reasons why Wonderland is beneficial and how it differs to other educational and entertaining programs that are out there. I have broken it into 3 different groups, as you'll be able to see, although honestly it is all intertwined.

Next week I will write a blog each day where I explore one of these points for each group in depth. Until then if you do have any questions please contact me. I am also happy to set up a phone or zoom conference if you like. If you are interested in the products, remember it's 10% off for this week with the coupon: LAUNCHWEEK!1. And if you can't wait till Monday to find out more, I do have information on the website. Also to all TEACHERS and CARERS please contact me before buying the product as I have another special going for you! Until then have a lovely weekend.


And most of all, the children LOVE IT!!!!

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