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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Bringing Wonderland to the screen!

With the Corona Pandemic that has effected everyone around the world, I have decided to bring Wonderland Interactive Storytelling to the screen. I have started filming the first book - "The Giant Envelope" and as soon as it is ready, I will share it with you.

Daily Surprise Activity

I know so many parents are currently at home with their children having to entertain and educate them, I wanted to help now! There are so many resources online which is amazing! But coming up with ideas and deciding what to do each day can be overwhelming.

This is where I can help!

For a very special little girl who I unfortunately can't see while we are isolating, I have been sending themed surprise activities each day. It's been so nice receiving the feedback and photos from her and hearing about her excitement in doing these, that I have now decided to share this with the world.

Each day I will post the surprise activity for you to use and enjoy with your child/children, based on a selected weekly theme. If you ever miss any, you can always find them on the Blog section of the Wonderland Interactive Storytelling website.

The first one for you to try is below. This is not part of the weekly theme, but more something to try and to see how much fun your child/children will have. Enjoy!!!!

Please remember this is not my original work. It is an accumulation of themed fun ideas from the internet. Anyone can find it, but by having come up with the theme and put together the package I am hoping that a huge and exhausting step has been lifted off your shoulders, so that you can enjoy some quality time together and keep your child entertained.

Enjoy and feel free to share with friends, family and other children all around the world as we are all in this together!

Stay in touch and up-to-date

To also stay up-to-date as to when the Wonderland products will be coming out, make sure you contact us!!!

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