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A Fun & Imaginative Journey That Allows Each Child to Develop Their Social, Emotional & Creative Potential



Skill Building

Students take part in the story acting out the movements, coming up with their own endings, describing the magic and solving problems.

It is known that children love stories. What's even better is when they are part of the story and with that fully engaged; body, mind and creativity.

Wonderland provides students with skills that will aid them in their every day life as well as their education; working together, communication, thinking outside the box etc.


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Wonderland is an interactive story program that develops a child’s social, emotional and communication skills while building their self-esteem. Wonderland draws out their intuitive ability through the framework that you as the facilitator/ teacher provide.

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When observing my students doing Wonderland, what was beautiful to see was how those students who are usually shy and introverted, really opened up and were full of confidence. While the students who liked to be centre of attention took a step back and were part of the group. The students worked together, listened and solved problems as a group as it was about the story where every child played a part.

—  Kindergarten Teacher - Munich, Germany

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