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Teaching Interactively even in a COVID Environment

We all know that for 3-5 year olds the best way of learning is through play, but when done digitally this can be very tricky. On top of that there are so many emotions that our little ones are going through. It's tricky for us as adults coping with the current situation, but how do we stay on top of how our young ones feel and help them cope with this? This 90 minute Training Webinar explores different ways to make your zoom Kindy sessions interactive, fun and engaging . We also explore ways of checking in with everyone's feelings and as a bonus we will look at some fun exercises and games that will help the little ones become aware of their emotions and lower their stress. The session will also explore how Wonderland Interactive Storytelling is used via zoom and how it too can give you an easy framework so that the pressure is taken off you as a teacher and educator while the children will be active and have fun!

When: Wednesday 20th of January 2021 7am AEST
Which is the following time for these timezones:  New Zealand: Wednesday 20th of January 2021 9am and
Tuesday 21st of January 2021 UK 8pm, NYC 3pm, L.A. 12pm
Where: Zoom (with your purchase you will receive a link and password)

Teaching Interactively even in a COVID Environment

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